i dream of summer

It’s 37 degrees in San Francisco tonight. Thirty--Seven! … and I’m freezing. Having lived in Burlington, VT for a couple of months a few years ago, when it snowed for most of May, I realize that some of you can do 37 degrees standing on your head in a t-shirt and Birkenstocks, but not I. I am a tropical girl. I need heat. But unfortunately, thanks to Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow, we are doomed to six more weeks of Winter plus all of Spring, which means that Summer days are still a mirage. So, how do I pass the time until then? By doing the only thing I can do; Torture myself by dreaming of hot days and cold cocktails, and listing the many reasons why I’m looking forward to Summer’s comeback. 

11 Reasons Why I’m Ready For Summer:

11. Summer reading lists. Do you remember being given those in elementary school on the last day of school? I would immediately rush to the library and pick up every book on the list … and have them all read within a week. Yeah, I was a nerd. And I still am! Which is why I still do this, even now. Every library offers a Summer reading list for children and adults. Get yours!

10. The ice cream truck. I get a Pavlovian reaction to that jingle, and then it stays in my head all day. You’re welcome. Need. Soft serve. Ice cream. Now.

9. Kites. That is all.

8. Outdoor entertainment. Carnivals, fairs, festivals, concerts, or just create your own. I own a projector, I own a white sheet, I have a backyard. Popcorn + cold cider + friends + Citronella candles = outdoor movie night.

7. Summer nights. Late sunsets, firepits, fireflies, crickets, campfires, full moon river floats, backyard camping or real camping, night fishing, stargazing, barbeques, skinny-dipping, thunderstorms with warm rain and lightning shows. All of it is magical.

6. Road trips. Is there anything better than an open road, all the windows down, the wind in your face, and some very very loud Belinda Carlisle? No, there isn’t.

5. The holy trifecta of tomatoes, cherries and corn … eat the corn raw; slice the top off a tomato, sprinkle some sea salt (or not), bite into it like an apple and keep going until it’s gone; eat as many cherries as you can until your lips turn red.

4. Water. Pool, estuary, lake, river, swimming hole, brook, stream, ocean, spring, bayou, swamp, puddle, or a geyser if need be. Whatever. Just water. Being in it, being on it, sitting by it, looking at it, and listening to it. And if there’s a sunrise or sunset somewhere on the horizon, then that’s all the better.

3. My Summer uniform. Tank tops and shorts or sundresses. Flip flops are great, barefoot is better.

2. Sun, sun, and more sun.

1. Fall. I love Summer, but Fall is my favorite season. And there’s no Fall without Summer … so bring it on Summer!

Yes, I totally cheated. That was way more than eleven. Sorrynotsorry! So, several more weeks and counting. But in the meantime, while it's 37 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m kicking back and enjoying my favorite winter cocktail, and old-fashioned.

Let’s be honest, we all knew this was where I was headed.